The World and Its Wonders

The world is like the shell of a pearl, or the well of a girl

Whose soul is too deep in the past and her fate took a spin in a curl

Never to be straight again, because the fate of men

is designed for not even the most complex minds to comprehend

So when I am told the creation of life is nothing more than a

scientific blunder

I start to laugh, cause every question answered first started with wonder

Maybe diseases were all mistakes too, why did my cousin get cancer?

But we all get lost in the same question, that we will truly never get answered

What is God? Where did existence truly start?

And why do some men think with their minds, while others go with their heart?

There has to be a bigger purpose because with all the conspiracies and lies

There has to be an ultimate truth beyond the limits of the endless skies

Through the changes life brings, I’m consistent in my need to be consistent

I’m provincial on the topic of ideology but when I pray my mind travels distant

I ask the Lord for wisdom on all days, no matter cloudy, rainy, or sunny

And pray for him to take my soul If ever I become bitter by the love of money

Will I live to see a day more peaceful than my fellow mankind’s history?

Religious warfare, the line between right and wrong will forever remain a mystery

Some men never distinguish the evils in their own temperament and morality

Some men even bring harm to others, just in the name of an increased secure salary

Even though there is so much all around me, I love the ease of living day by day

The past is triumph; the present is a gift, so I know my purpose has not gone astray

Could I be inspiration to help crying souls to endure the pain of the strife in life

Could I be the voice of the young that cuts deceit and destruction like a knife

And I could do all this if you take in my love for stanzas and lines

The world sometimes seems pointless, but my purpose; I found mine.


Daddy, No!


Daddy’s home again.

Mommy looks so scared.

I can see it in her eyes,

The fear that’s in her stare.


Daddy starts to yell

And mommy walks away.

It’s hard to ignore the smell

That invades our troubled way.


“Go upstairs!” mommy yells.

“It’s going to be just fine.”

But I do not believe her,

Because it happens every time.


As a worried little girl,

I begin to scream.

“Daddy, please leave mom alone.

Daddy, don’t be mean.”


My cries won’t find its way,

To daddy’s sober heart.

So I stand there and I watch,

As daddy tears my mom apart.


A blow to mommy’s face.

A grip of mommy’s soul.

The wrath of my father,

When the liquor’s in control.


A child’s innocence plagued,

By her daddy’s drunken choices.

Nightmares in my sleep

Of my Daddy’s angry voices.


Strength is my mother,

For all that she endured.

No matter what pain daddy caused,

Her love was there to  cure.

The Real American Dream

Life isn’t as good as it seems

Shattered dreams

Projects consumed by fiends

Women turn to premature prostitution at thirteen

Young men roam the city streets with guns in possession

Robberies is the main cause from effect of recession

Magnums in reach, both metal and rubber for protection

Diseases overcome our streets mainly from our sexual obsession

Shattered hearts from so-called love connections

Minds corrupted, there’s no true cure for our depressions

Except… drugs birthed from our very own government

Formed in varies varieties

Used to dumb down society

Sitting front row watching our population slowly fade

Man will destroy any form in which is man-made

Using knives, guns, any weapon from missiles to hand grenades

Violence in which many condone

From the streets to the presence of our very own home’s

Money, the root of all evil

Paper disguised, just another form of the needle

Just another excuse to kill

Blood spills over just. one. bill.

…And cheap thrills

Millions walking with their eyes closed

Rather be blinded by harsh reality than exposed

I suppose…