The Real American Dream

Life isn’t as good as it seems

Shattered dreams

Projects consumed by fiends

Women turn to premature prostitution at thirteen

Young men roam the city streets with guns in possession

Robberies is the main cause from effect of recession

Magnums in reach, both metal and rubber for protection

Diseases overcome our streets mainly from our sexual obsession

Shattered hearts from so-called love connections

Minds corrupted, there’s no true cure for our depressions

Except… drugs birthed from our very own government

Formed in varies varieties

Used to dumb down society

Sitting front row watching our population slowly fade

Man will destroy any form in which is man-made

Using knives, guns, any weapon from missiles to hand grenades

Violence in which many condone

From the streets to the presence of our very own home’s

Money, the root of all evil

Paper disguised, just another form of the needle

Just another excuse to kill

Blood spills over just. one. bill.

…And cheap thrills

Millions walking with their eyes closed

Rather be blinded by harsh reality than exposed

I suppose…



Sometimes we live our lives in a retrospective way. Allowing the past to hold more than the future. Minimizing opportunities for self growth all the while destroying any space available for optimism.
Destructive in every sense. The past is to learn from not hinder thyself or ridicule anyone.
Make the conscious decision to take another persons’ feelings into consideration.
Take a moment for yourself to reflect and understand some things are beyond your comprehension but momentary setbacks are just that, setbacks.
Waiting to exhale wasn’t just about a bunch of women and their men problems. Waiting to exhale is finally finding the strength to breathe again. Through the coldest winters and into the hottest summers, honey you are a woman.
Embrace it.
Don’t forget your power.
Know when to walk away and when to stay.
The past won’t haunt you if you don’t allow it to.

You’re coming into your own.
Become the woman you are set out to be.
Roads get rough, I understand. But you can’t find your way through life if you keep looking back.